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Spilsby Primary School shortlisted for National Language Award- news

With less than two weeks to go finalists of the awards are getting excited.  Spilsby Primary School in Lincoln is one of the schools on the shortlist and has shared their excitement with their community.

Their story is below.

We wish them Good Luck.

SPILSBY Primary School is waiting in anticipation after being shortlisted for  a national language award.

The UK’s largest educational resources show is  hosting the fifth annual national Primary Language Classroom Awards (PLCA) at  Birmingham NEC where Spilsby Primary School will be battling it out against 14  other schools to win one of the five awards.

Spilsby Primary School Finalists 2013

Spilsby Primary School Finalists 2013

Headteacher Louise Davidson said: “Spilsby Primary School is thrilled at  having being shortlisted by the PLCA for our work across the school in learning  French and specifically in year six.

“French specialist Louisa Roberts has been instrumental in developing  immersive activities to encourage children to engage with both the French  culture and the learning of the language over the past five years but she and  the children have never been nominated for an award before.”

A panel of professional educational and language experts, including  headteachers and classroom teachers will independently judge the awards.

Each category winner will receive at least £500 of tailored resources from  sponsors to support their language learning into 2013 and beyond.

Director of the Primary Language Classroom Awards Liz Foxwell said: “It gives  us great pleasure to be hosting our fifth annual PLCA presentation at the  Education Show 2013.

“The exceptional work and dedication of teachers throughout the UK in the  promotion of languages must not go unnoticed. Teachers who show a love of  languages and belief in their student’s ability need to be celebrated, as do  staff teaching students with varied English language proficiency which can be a  daunting task.

“We look forward to celebrating the achievements of this year’s winners who  are great ambassadors of best practice.”

The Education Show runs from March 14-16 and is free to attend.

For more information visit http://www.educationshow.com.

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Thank You. Looking forward to the Show.

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Liz Foxwell, director of the Primary Language Classroom Awards, shares her thoughts on the importance of recognising and celebrating best practice in language teaching.

I believe it’s important to reward all best practice as this raises self-esteem, makes the learner more likely to try out something new, and encourages them not to worry if they get it wrong, but to practice to get it right.

With regard to language learning, this is a great asset and important to the development of the learner’s linguistic knowledge and understanding. By ensuring we use the same terminology for grammatical terms, spelling, language terms and skills, this can support consistency across languages. This consistency also affords us the opportunity to build on prior knowledge in another language and reinforce key concepts.

Pupils having knowledge of more than one language makes them aware of other people and their differences. It can also contribute significantly across…

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Shortlist notified

Today many of the shortlisted schools have found out that they are in line to win £500 plus of resources for their school. I look forward to meeting them all on 15th March 2013 at 2.00pm and extend you a welcome to just log into the education show and choose free ticket, come to the show and I will see you at 2.00 when we let the winners know who they are.


Language Information Point

This year at the Education Show we are again going to run the Language Information Point to help you with any language questions you may have. Come and speak to current professionals and network to support your practice.

Thursday sees discussions led by;

         Ann Swarbrick at 10.30

Priscilla Hannaford at 12.00 looking at food

and finally

Hilary Power and Paul Hutton at 1.00 talking about – ICT to support Language learning

In between times feel free to come and have a chat.  You can find us directly behind the Information Point.

http://www.education-show.com/education/website/Home.aspx?refer=1&id=mainLnk1 and choose register for free entry.