The Language Information Point and Primary Language Classroom Awards

LIP logo finalWhat are the awards?

The awards are a way of celebrating the teaching and learning of languages including English in UK primary schools and to highlight its positive impact on both the whole school and the local community.

We aim to have a positive impact on the enthusiasm surrounding Languages in our schools. With many pupils and schools supporting a wide range of languages the English as an Additional language (EAL) award is to celebrate teachers and schools that support language development in both English and the child’s home language.

Home to the Language Information Point supported by The Education Show we showcase the winners and language learning. Find out more about the 2012 winners at

What our current Sponsors and Supporters are saying;

BESA is proud to support the primary languages awards 2013. We are delighted to sponsor the awards and celebrate the achievement of those primary schools who are helping children unlock the potential of a new language at an early age.

Brilliant Publications is delighted to sponsor the Primary Languages Awards for the third year in a row. Research shows the benefits of starting to learn languages from an early age and the Primary Languages Awards provide a great way of rewarding the primary schools and teachers that already teach languages, and incentivising others to do so.

EMASUK sponsors the Primary Language Awards as it congratulates teachers at classroom level for the hard work and innovation that they undertake to help promote language teaching and support to every pupil in their class.’

Hobbycraft are excited to be supporting the Primary language Classroom awards. We believe that arts and crafts are an excellent way to engage children of all ages in a learning environment.

Little Linguist has supported the Primary Languages Classroom Awards since their launch in 2009. We are a specialist supplier of MFL and Multicultural resources for Early Years, Primary and KS3. Our extensive product range includes foreign and dual language story books in over 40 languages, posters and displays, motivational rewards, schemes of work, dictionaries, songs and interactive resources.

SSAT (The Schools Network) are delighted to support the Primary Languages Classroom Awards which recognise the outstanding work of primary schools in fostering a love of languages.


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