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Winners of the Primary Language Awards to receive over £500 of resources per category

Winners of the Primary Language Awards 2013 will be given a range of gifts from a variety of these suppliers depending on their need for their classrooms.
The suppliers have kindly donated the following:

o French Embassy – gifts
o EMASUK – Membership
o Petit Point – Annual classroom licence
o Golden Daffodils – French lesson plans
o Association for Language Learning
 For the school: Free Primary membership of ALL for one year?
 For the teacher: entry into a draw for a free place at our conference?
o Goethe Institut – Gifts
o Kleinbrücken – Annual classroom licence
o Little Bridge – Annual classroom license
o BESA – Resources to support language learning
o Brilliant Publications – selection of Welsh books
o Hobbycraft : Voucher for teaching resources
o Little Linguist – A package of dual-language resources

I must also thank Pentel and the European Union for supporting us with gifts for every shortlisted school at the Award ceremony.


Speakers at the Language Information Point 2013

I hope to meet you all soon at the Language Information Point where you can ask questions of head teachers, teachers, LA advisers and other professionals who are helping to support and deliver language support and learning into your schools curriculum in readiness for the 2014 changes.

Just Have a Question?
Then come and ask us; we will talk through the problem or concern with you and suggest a possible solution.

Need a Language Resource?
For those of you who would like to ask a supplier a direct question, some of the sponsors of the Primary Language Awards will be available to answer your questions. They will also show how their resource can support language learning, whilst giving up to date and practical examples of classroom use.


10.30 Ann Swarbrick  President ALL        The new languages curriculum – What subject associations can do for you at a time of curriculum reform

12.00 Priscilla Hannaford Brilliant Books    Food, Glorious Food.                                                     Food is a great MFL topic, as it has universal appeal. Come learn some great ways of getting children to take ownership of foreign language learning and create their own (food related) sentences.

1.30 Back by popular request. Hilary Powers – Headteacher and  Paul Hutton LA Officer Luton.   ICT to support language learning Developing language skills in all children.

 11.00 2012 PLCAwards winner – French Jackie Rayment On Track!

An innovative project which has fostered working relationships across the MFL and PE departments. All very appropriate at a time when the London Olympics were uppermost in pupils’ thoughts! But this resource has a shelf life way beyond the Games. A collection of ideas and activities to integrate French and PE activities at all key stages.

This workshop will show:
• how languages can be taught through sport and related activities.
• how to bridge the gap between KS2 & KS3 ( transition)
• how to re-engage hard to reach pupils.
• how to raise standards.
• how to improve uptake at Key Stage 4
how to include SMSC
A workshop full of inspiring resources and techniques to make learning more active! Some of the differentiated and Going for Gold activities are more suitable for more able students at key stage 3 and even KS4 & 5

2.00 Primary Language Awards Ceremony Come and celebrate with the winners and listen to our guest speakers. Winners for French, German, EAL, Welsh and Other including sign language

10.30 John Foxwell Welcoming Non English Speaking learners into the Classroom                            A practical session understanding how EAL learners need bilingual resources and text in their first days to help them understand their new surroundings

1.30 Enlli Thomas Senior Lecturer, Bangor
Making the most of bilingualism in the classroom.  Raising awareness of bilingual development, bilingual teaching strategies, and use of norm-referenced assessments with bilinguals.

Association for Language Learning, BESA, Brilliant Marketing Solutions, Brilliant Publications Little Bridge World, Education Show 2013, EMASUK, Golden Daffodil, Goethe Institut, Hobbycraft, Institut Francaise, Little Linguist, Mango Marketing, Pentel, and SSAT.

Thank You. Looking forward to the Show.

The Education Show Blog

Liz Foxwell, director of the Primary Language Classroom Awards, shares her thoughts on the importance of recognising and celebrating best practice in language teaching.

I believe it’s important to reward all best practice as this raises self-esteem, makes the learner more likely to try out something new, and encourages them not to worry if they get it wrong, but to practice to get it right.

With regard to language learning, this is a great asset and important to the development of the learner’s linguistic knowledge and understanding. By ensuring we use the same terminology for grammatical terms, spelling, language terms and skills, this can support consistency across languages. This consistency also affords us the opportunity to build on prior knowledge in another language and reinforce key concepts.

Pupils having knowledge of more than one language makes them aware of other people and their differences. It can also contribute significantly across…

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Winners certificates – whose names will be on them?

Primary Language Awards Winners certificates

Primary Language Awards Winners certificates

Looking forward to seeing them filled in on the day.

Many Thanks to little bridge for creating them for us.

Everyone a winner

Wow, Thanks, are often heard when I ring up to inform the head that they are a finalist for the Primary Language Awards.

This is always the reminder to me why we do these awards  prior to this much of my time is spent talking to sponsors arranging prizes and letting schools know that the awards are there and encouraging them to enter. Then collating the entries and arranging the judges and the judging process, as well as the finalist ceremony, and there is not a classroom in sight.

Then comes the time to let the classes and schools know that they are finalists and are to be rewarded for their good practice and commitment to their language learning.  One of the things I have always picked up is that these school don’t just teach and learn they enjoy their journey in languages.  With so many to choose from I am always amazed at the amount of languages taught some primaries teaching three and those in Wales with the Welsh component some do four.

So back to the phone calls no matter what process, strategy or discussion you are engaged in.  No matter who you are engaged in the discussion with, from the Secretary of State for Education, governors, parents or council officials the one thing that must be remembered are the teachers and the children in the classroom. This is where the good practice happens and where young lives are turned onto languages making them ready to be global citizens when they enter the world of work.

To everyone who entered this year thank you it was a tough job to judge all of the entries and even if you didn’t reach the final style the judges were warmed at the good practice that is happening in language learning in so many UK schools.

All of the finalist have today received their logos to proudly display on the websites and paper work.

Well Done everyone you are all winners.

More Free Professional Development

Here is Saturdays programme for the Education Show 16th March all about how to support bilingualism. Look forward to seeing you there.



10.30 John Foxwell Welcoming Non English   Speaking learners into the Classroom A practical session   understanding how EAL learners need bilingual resources and text in their   first days to help them understand their new surroundings
1.30 Enlli Thomas

Senior Lecturer



Making the most of   bilingualism in the classroom Raising awareness of   bilingual development, bilingual teaching strategies, and use of   norm-referenced assessments with bilinguals.