Uk Census celebrates languages spoken in the UK

I read the report on the most recent census and saw what a diverse linguistic country we have. There are many students and teachers involved with languages other than English. I am beginning to wonder if we should not start introducing more categories to the awards to ensure all primary language classrooms are represented fairly.

It is nice to see this year an entrant for Japanese and another for Cornish so perhaps we are reaching everyone we want to.

The recent census shows:

Some 4 million – or 8% – reported speaking a different main language other than
English or Welsh.

This will be reflected in schools and extended support or supplementary schools as well as Saturday schools.

Also we should see confident language learners arising particularly in those who keep up their first language as well as learning their second, third etc.

In Wales, 97% – 2.9 million of residents – reported English or Welsh as their
main language and 19%, 562,000, reported that they could speak Welsh.

The top 10 reported languages were English, followed by Polish, Panjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, French, Chinese (excluding Mandarin and Cantonese, which were the 27th and 40th most commonly-used languages) and Portuguese.

The figures also showed that not all languages were spoken – with 22,000 people using sign language.

I am glad that the awards reflect this trend and this years introduction of sign language demonstrates our wish to reach all language learners. and


Good Luck and Well Done to all our shortlisted schools they have a tough job that they are doing really well.






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